Conquer the habit of making silly mistakes in Essay that can help you to avoid deduction in marks by essay writing service.

Essay writing requires time, patience and practice. However, students are in a habit of making silly mistakes and forget to improve those mistakes while submitting the final copy; as a result, they suffer from the low grades. Essay writing service UK has observed that the students are committing silly mistakes in their essays and are afraid that they might not do the same during their examinations as it is the most significant platform that pushes the students to show their knowledge.

ESSAYWRITING-HELP.CO.UK ensures that even if the students are studying for their exams they can still submit their essay within time. Thebest essay writing service states few mistakes that the students do while drafting the essay-

  • Students forget to write the thesis statement which is the most important requirement of any essay. It represents the whole idea of the essay, but students do a major mistake when they forget to write the thesis statement which makes it difficult for them to achieve higher grades.
  • Students perform the deadliest mistake when they forget to write the conclusion.You should stick to the structure of the essay and not writing the conclusion leaves the essay incomplete.
  • It is necessary for you to give proper citation and referencing at the end of the paper. Not referencing your paper is the silliest mistake that you can ever make because using the quotes of other authors and not giving the credits is highly offensive. Using the other writer’s phrases in your words and not mentioning the source give rise to the plagiarized content.
  • Unable to write the complete sentences and not linking the sentences into paragraphs is another issue that also occurs. The sentence is considered to be complete if the subject performs an action. So, if a sentence does not contain a subject, action and verb, then it is assumed to be incomplete.
  • It is seen that the students write wrong spellings. Writing the wrong spellings is also equivalent to inviting marks deduction.
  • Use of wrong punctuation at the wrong place is also the major mistake made by the students. The students are careless in using commas, semicolons, full stops in the sentences. Making such mistakes is called improper use of punctuation marks.
  • Students often have the habit toadd the second person in the essay. You must remember that you have to write the essay in the first person because you are writing your own personal experience.

After all these major issues you can still enhance your writing skills with the help of essay writing services. They take pride in grooming the students to help them to achieve good marks by creating an everlasting impression on their professors.

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Even though there is a major difference between an essay and a prose but the narrative style of essay writing can be associated with the task of writing a short story. People pay more attention to a short story than to an essay. The short stories give an opportunity to the reader to relate themselves to the characters and the experiences narrated in it. An essay is more fact than a fiction but if you want the people to relate more to it, it can be changed in a way that fits the context of the short story with the help of assistance from professional writers associated with essay writing services.
ESSAYWRITING-HELP.CO.UK attempts to help the writers discover how they can be a story narrator along with being an essay writer. Each type of narrative techniques has unique elements that associate them with essays, short stories or novels. If people do not read your writing just because they are essays, you can narrate the same in the form of short story with the following steps:

  • Read short stories, if you have been an essay writer then the zest for reading has its roots embedded in your soul. Read the formerly written short stories because you do not do it you will have a hard time converting the major point of the essay into the plot of the story. You can read as many stories you want but if you study even one of them closely you are good to go.
  • Summarize your written essay into a brief story with key points marked. This will help you decide if the brief can give the acute idea of the main plot and where can the dialogues be added, if necessary.
  • Start writing your short story, keep the essay in front and soften the appearance of the story by converting facts in a way that sounds fictional yet believable.
  • Writing can be perfected with rewriting. Proofread your written pages and to add and eliminate the necessary things use the word processor to give it a fine finish.
  • Read the written phrases aloud, because sometimes the words and dialogue sound perfect in our head ad on the page but when put into words it may not seem relevant to the story.
  • Hire professional assistance from the best essay writing services available online and make the necessary changes to make it look like a short story which can narrate the same event but in a way that urges the audience to relate to it.

Participate in groups and activities that motivate the essay writers to come out of their comfort and join the art of drafting short stories which are both fictional and factual. Hire the help of professionals that are linked with essay writing services. The common perception about the essay is that it is boring and youngsters especially do not want to be known as the people who read essays if it is not for gaining grades.
Reach such groups of people with your essay in the form of a short story and make a difference in their life.
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A prose can be in a form of a story or an essay and it consists of regular language that gives the actual information up front with minimal opportunity for the reader to dive into its words and search for the hidden meaning within. A prose is the easiest form of writing for a writer because the message that he wants to give does not need to be presented in a metaphor or simile. However, it sometimes turns out to be boring because the writers want the people to research for the phrases and words he used, to comprehend the message and approach the same with different perspectives.
The perfect platform to write in a manner that conveys more than two messages is that of a poem. With the expert help that numerous essay writing services provide, the writer can become a pro in extracting a poem from the written prose that can shed limelight on the subject.
ESSAYWRITING-HELP.CO.UK noticed that poem is a way of creating something more magical and beautiful that provides an opportunity for in-depth appreciation from the audience. It is not necessary to create an entirely fresh poem; the writer can pick out an extract from the prose and convert it into a poem that will win hearts of the readers. Master the steps that make you a pro in converting prose into poem:

  • Identify the prose that you want to convert in a poem. It can be either something that you might have written previously or can be the work of another author. The prose should have apparent topics and theme. It should a mirror to reflect strong emotions and analysis and should be insightful.
  • Change the title of the poem because the same title of the prose will serve as a convenient way that could capture the essence of the poem.
  • The poem does not need to be in the same form of the prose but it will help you stay on track and not digress from the topic and theme that you want to construct.
  • The sentence picked from the prose should be read carefully, which enables you to highlight the main points that you want to include in your poem as well.
  • Keep going forward on the journey of selecting appropriate sentences from the prose that will provide more meaning to the poem.
  • Rearrange the selected sentences and statements as you see fit.
  • Write the universal truth in not more than one line. Think of it as a punch line that will provide more clarity to the written poem.
  • Reword or rearrange the stanzas till the time that guarantees the poem that you wanted to write. The ending does not have to be similar to the prose. Think of the prose as your starting point to the poem.

The poem gives the writer the most special feeling because he can call himself as an artist too. The term artist has a nice ring to it like the words sophisticated, complicated and passionate and who does not want to be associated with such wonderful words.
In the case of any difficulty consult the writers and customer interaction services provided by essay writing services.
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Examination adds a lot of stress to the minds of the students because it is a platform that compels them to perform their best in order to prove that they are capable of retaining knowledge that was taught in the classes and has a sound mental capacity of memorizing. Essay writing services UK has noticed many students committing silly mistakes in their essays and assignments under pressure and is afraid they do the same during the period of examinations.

ESSAYWRITING-HELP.CO.UK believes that even though students are stressed during examinations can plan carefully and remain calm to provide themselves the opportunity to gain the grades that they desired to, with their hard work. Students should make a note of their mistakes that they committed in previous tests and practice in a way that prevents repetition. Below is the list of certain mistakes that normally all students commit:

  • Improper reading of the question: it is in human nature and brain to see what they exactly want to see, which happens almost naturally in a high-pressure environment amongst which is that an examination hall. If you fail to read the question carefully your brain tricks into thinking and writing something that it did not ask at all. This is very common when writing an essay. Students already prepare a list of various topics and even one them seems connected to the question in some way they write about it. To help yourself comprehending the exact answer that the question wants you to answer, circle or underline the important terms in it to keep yourself on track.
  • Writing what you want to: even though you succeeded in comprehending the question you will have the sudden urge to impart the knowledge that you learned which will have no relevant relation to the question. This kind of problem is very common and it is not always true that the student is wrong but he is not absolutely right even because the knowledge that you are imparting may only have a little connection to the question asked.
  • Do not leave the easy ones for last: the common mistake that a student makes is that he chooses to answer the difficult ones first and the easy ones at the last. Avoid such practice, if you know the easy ones write them first, this will give the notion that you studies thoroughly, to the examiner.
  • In case you run out of time: the essay that you want to write has so many important points that need to be elaborated that you ultimately find yourself running out of time. In case this happens, start summarizing the important descriptions in the form of bullet points that will help the examiner know that you knew the apt answer to the question.
  • Spelling and grammar: an essay needs multiple revisions but in an examination room you have the chance to revise it once or twice before submitting. Check and edit any grammatical and spelling errors to snatch the opportunity of deducting marks from the examiner.

Essay in exams is very important and easy way to convey the idea that you knew what you have been learning and also a source of flaunting your writing skills and discipline by sticking to the specific format and structure of it.

You can enhance your writing skills with help from expert writers of best essay writing services, who take pride in grooming students and struggling writers to give their best on the essay.
Present your drafted essay to the writers of essay writing services for professional proofreading and this way you can be aware of the silly mistakes that you make and practice more that eliminates such habit.

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